Show some love to your arms and hands


Everyday we use computers daily, either for work or for leisure. This can be brutal on the joints of your arms and hands, especially your fingers, thumbs and elbows; these joints usually suffer the most abuse. If you have pain and dysfunction in these areas, excessive joint compression can be a factor—but most often the cause of problems is simple: chronically overused and over-tight arm muscles that pull on where their tendons attach at these joints, causing inflammation (tendinitis) and functional misalignment.

Daily Maintenance for Arms and Hands:

If you use your arms and hands every day, you need maintenance every day to get back full range of motion. How can you deliver an effective self-care technique? You need two things to successfully maintain arm muscle range of motion: (1.) the right technique, and (2.) a tool to apply that technique easily and efficiently without fatiguing the hand and arm that do the applying.

(1.) For the right technique: Finding the sore (trigger) spot, holding pressure on the sore spot, then slowly and fully stretching the muscle that has the sore spot while maintaining pressure—all while maintaining a level of pressure that feels like useful pain or a hurts good sensation.

(2.) For the right tool: Use a small, 2-pound dumbbell, a rounded rock, a large food can—anything that offers pressure through its weight and mass instead of requiring you to exert muscle pressure onto the spot with your upper body.


A few minutes of arm and hand maintenance per day will make all the difference in the quality and length of your life, career, and happiness.

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