Shiatsu Massage

shiatsu massage vancouver

About Shiatsu Massage in Vancouver

Shin So Shiatsu translates directly into English as “deeper level shiatsu.” On a most literal level, this refers to its embrace of the deeper levels of the energy matrix.
Disturbance in energy level from either within, or without, will elicit a cascade of reactions. In striving to regain homeostasis and reduce the train being placed upon it, this is where Shin So Shiatsu enter the scene.

Benefits of Shiatsu Massage

Shiatsu therapy provides the following benefits:
Shiatsu massage vancouver1. Help restore and maintain the body’s energy, especially helpful to those suffering from fatigue and overall weakness;
2. Improve circulation;
3. Reduces stress, tension, anxiety and depression;
4. Headaches relief;
5. Natural healing of sprain or similar injuries;
6. Relief to arthritis, sciatica and insomnia.