Ouch! I need a massage I got neck pain!

Do you have trouble getting positioned for a night of sleep, when you just can’t find the ‘sweet-spot’ on your pillow or feel tired from fighting your own muscle/nerve tension?Making your way in today’s fast-paced, stressful world often takes its toll on our bodies and sense of calm and well being. Stress and anxiety have been shown to have an adverse effect on health and well-being, manifesting in general muscle tension, and drop in your immune-response and effective organ function, loss of sleep and irritability.

Massage helps tension headaches, migraines and chronic neck pain

The most common areas of stored tension, leading to headaches,migraines and diminished range of motion, is in the neck, from the shoulder blades right up to the skull.

Tension headaches, muscle knots and chronic neck pain are a consequence of overworked muscles due to inattention to posture, incorrect ergonomics while sitting in our desk, long hours behind the wheel, of your vehicle, repetitive stress from computer work or just unresolved tension that builds up without release or relief. Have you ever had the experience of driving, attempting a shoulder check in your car or bicycle, turning your neck only to feel a locked lack of motion or shooting pain?

No need to suffer with chronic tension any longer or to needlessly medicate or address only the symptoms of this veritable ‘pain-in-the-neck’. Royal Feet offers soothing neck pain massage in KitsilanoVancouver to help dissolve neck pain, stress, anxiety and tension, leading to peaceful, restful sleep and overall improved quality of life.

One of the most effective, natural and holistic treatments, offering instant AND lasting relief (often in just one session) is therapeutic body massage. Massage of any areas of the body offers a calming and relaxing effect. More specific problem-areas of tension can be easily located and targeted by massage and gently but firmly, muscle tension and the corresponding nerve-impingement can be soothingly released.

This technique also addresses related and seemingly unrelated areas of pain, by tracking and systematically releasing related muscle-sheath network of tension and stress-related or overworked muscle groups (e.g.: a headache cased by tension in the neck, or chronic back-pain due to “locked” muscles in the shoulders).

One cannot give themself a massage, and we are not qualified to know how related muscle groups and the network of nerves, connective tissues, lymph nodes and glands all work together for smooth and effective movement, free from chronic pain or damaging stress.

You owe it to yourself to access and enjoy a pain-free, active and healthful lifestyle. Let Royal Feet unlock your knotted muscles, ease your suffering, release tension and increase restful peace of mind with therapeutic massage; a drug-free, natural, harmonious solution to neck pain.

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