Chinese Head Massage



Chinese head massage is traditional Chinese medical treatment. This has been used number of years ago. It helps to circulate the blood in the head regularly. Massage can be applied with hands, fingers, elbows and fore arm. It has shown that the benefits of pain relief, reducing anxiety and depression and temporarily reduced blood pressure.


Head massage will definitely improve deep relaxation, revitalization and energy, detoxification, rejuvenation and wellness. Head massage is applicable for the person who aims for the general benefits of well-being. Head massage will also help to cure head ache, sinus problems and ear problems. It may also control stress related digestive problem and back aches. This can also allow people to deep and better sleep.



This massage involves slow movements over the face, head, neck and shoulder with gentle pressure. The treatment is exquisite, relax and clear head, body and mind. One can take 4-5 treatments usually to get improvement on body.

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