Brr…The Cold Weather is Making My Body and Joints Ache!

Winter is approaching, and the weather outside is getting cold! On those particularly chilly or depressing rainy days, our joints may start aching and we may feel more tired than normal. For many people suffering from joint pain or arthritis, the change in seasons can be especially painful. The change to cooler weather brings changes to air pressure and as a result causes increased joint sensitivity and joint pain.

The change in weather may have many people reaching for pain medication, but there are also other methods for easing stubborn joint pain and body aches.

1. Using a heating pad


Many arthritis sufferers swear by the heating pad, which increases blood circulation and improves stiff joints. The heat provided by a heating pad also works to offset pain and body aches.


2. Stretching

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Stretching improves endurance and strength, and regular stretching can work to loosen up stiff joints and heal body aches. Stretching also reduces the possibility of future injuries, which can often occur during cold weather when our muscles are tight.


3. Soaking in a hot bath

The heat provided in a hot soak in the bath works to relax muscles, improve blood circulation, and loosen stiff joints. Plus, putting a few drops of essential oils or a bath bomb makes for a great way to unwind after a long day.


4. Massage Therapy

Massage therapy works wonders on aches and pains in the body by improving circulation in the body and working on tough problem areas. In addition, massage therapy works to reduce stress and promote relaxation!

At Royal Feet, our massage therapists work magic on those body aches and pains. Feel free to drop by to relax and escape from the chilly weather!


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