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Important Notice

Dear Royal Feet customers and all who cared about us,

The fire on July 5 destroyed our store, which we worked hard for during the past over eight years. It caused irreversible pain. The warm-hearted public and media expressed their deep compassion and support via email, phone calls, social media, etc. All these caring messages made us feel love, helped us recover from the pain, and encouraged us to move forward. The fire didn’t just bring us a disaster but also gave us an opportunity to build an even better future. We are determined to face the public with a refreshed new image, which will impress you in the same way as we did before.

We are glad to tell you that, with many people’s help, we have already found a new location. We are now in the process of signing an agreement and obtaining approvals. We apologize for any inconvenience caused. We will update you on the progress regarding our new location on our Facebook and website. Stay tuned!

Thanks again for your support and understanding!
RoyalFeet Jady


七月五日清晨一场突如其来的火灾,摧毁了我为之奋斗八年半的家园。带来了无以言语的精神创伤和心灵痛苦。来自各方人士及媒体以各种方式(电话、短信、Email、Facebook)热情、友爱、深切的问候。 让我真正感受到人间的处处真情,无私的大爱。 使我在最短时间内从极度悲伤中解脱出来,鼓足了我继续前行重建Roaylfeet美好家园的决心。也让我更加坚信:火灾给我们带来灾难的同时也带给我们光明与温暖。它会重新点燃我们的希望,点燃我们的未来。激励我们以崭新的面貌回馈RoyalFeet尊贵的客人以及各界人士的关心和厚爱。

在各方人士努力帮助下,我们已经找到新址。正在履行各种签约合同以及政府审批程序。 对在此期间带给所有客人的诸多不便深表歉意。有关新址新进展,我们会及时在FaceBook以及网站(上更新。以便各界人士及时了解我们工作的进展。

RoyalFeet Jady

Royal Feet Reflexology vancouver

Local 1st-Time Visitor Promo

Your choice of a 55 mins Foot or Body Massage. For  first-time, Vancouver residents only. Please mention this ad when booking your appointment.  Like our Facebook or follow us on twitter to get this deal. Available Mon – Thur 10AM to 9PM,     Fri – Sun before 1PM.


Royal Feet Reflexology vancouver

Reflexology Foot Massage

Relax with our team of a highly trained foot massage reflexologist (some of the best in Vancouver) dedicated to improving your health. Our reflexology foot massage offers a list of foot massage benefits or symptoms that can be treated with a foot massage.

foot reflexology massage

Royal Feet Reflexology vancouver

Acupressure Body Massage

Our body massage therapists provides a variety of massage therapy including Acupressure massage, Deep Tissue massage, Lymphatic Detox massageSwedish massage, Shiatsu massage and Sports massage.

acupressure body massage

Royal Feet acupuncture

Registered Acupuncture Treatment

Our registered BC acupuncturists (RAc) provide treatments for a wide array of health and body symptoms and issues; to take advantage of insurance coverage, double check with your provider for your eligibility. Reservation required.

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Professional Membership

  Royal Feet RAC  Royal Feet Sourcepoint Shiatsu  Royal Feet CTCMA  Royal Feet TCM college


Media Coverage

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Quality Therapist

All Royal Feet therapists have completed the necessary training courses and hold professional certifications of completion. Our team includes registered reflexologists and registered acupuncturists.

Quality Service

Royal Feet continues to serve every customer with our professional specialities, providing you the best is our priority. We are reasonably priced and conveniently located in Kitsilano,Vancouver.

Quality Environment

We offer several single massage rooms as well as one double massage room. Our rooms are clean, relaxing, and scent-free. Our reflexology room can accommodate up to 6 guests at once – great for party bookings!